Terms & Conditions

Data protection policy and declaration of consent

The following data protection policy refers to the data that you enter in the EVA GA & Conference registration site. The registration site enables the user to enter personal or business data (email addresses, names, and postal addresses), the user reveals such information on an expressly voluntary basis.

Our data protection policy

To ensure a smooth organisation of the event, we strive to collect some information on our customers and business partners. At the same time, the protection of data is something we take very seriously. Our customers and business partners should be aware of our policy with regard to personal data, and we give the opportunity to influence how their data are collected, processed and used.

The online registration

Various data is required in order to register to the event & purchase a package. Your data is collected in this context will be processed for the purpose of selling packages and the carrying out the transaction in the context of the respective event.

All payment information transmitted by the participant is kept confidential and will be used solely for the purpose of the event. The financial information will not be transmitted to a third-party or sold for commercial gain.

Declaration of consent to the processing of my data

The consent to the processing, use of and transfer of personal data is valid from the point in time at which consent to this data protection policy is granted. This consent can be withdrawn with future effect at any time.

Declaration of consent

I hereby consent to the collection, processing and use for the purposes specified above of my personal data as transferred to EVA, the European Vending & Coffee Service Association, in the course of my registration as a user of the EVA GA & Conference registration site. My account may be stored for an unlimited time but can be deleted at any time upon request to the EVA team.

In the event of participation, I consent the EVA can transfer my personal data (Company Name, First name, Family name) to the other participants with an attendees list distributed after the event as well as for networking opportunities between the participants before, during or after the event.

I also consent to the use by EVA of any pictures, videos in which I appear for the purpose of its newsletter, on the registration site of the event as well on the websites of EVA & any of their social media tools for information about the event & its promotion.

I consent that my details can be added to the EVA database. I also consent to the internal storage of my personal data for an unlimited period of time unless express request from me to be removed from the database and the mailing lists.

The personal data may also be used for commercial and/or marketing purposes like the promotion of future EVA events.

The participant has the right to correct any personal information provided to the organiser; to do so please inform the EVA at vending@vending-europe.eu

The registrant is aware that this consent can be withdrawn with future effect at any time.

Cancellation Policy

By the participant

In case of cancellation by the participant after registration, no refund is possible.

Changes of participant(s):

Organisations/companies can proceed to change names of participants of the same organisation/company until one week before the event, free of charge.

By the organiser

If the organiser cancels the event for any reason other than force majeure, registration fees are refunded to registered participants. However, refunds are limited to the amount paid by the participants. The organiser is not liable for any other loss or expenses incurred by participants as a consequence of the cancellation.


Julie Barth

Head of Administration & Events

Tel : +32 2 650 05 64

Mobile : + 32 (0) 475 61 28 63

E-mail: jb@vending-europe.eu

The conditions to avoid bank charges according to Regulation (EC) N° 2560/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 December 2001 on cross-border payments in euro, are the use of the electronic payment transaction & the choice of shared bank charges.